Love Letters
from our clients


Stef Thompson, Mental Health advocate & founder of ‘light up the dark’.

“Words cannot describe the powerful shift I have felt since I started working with you a short time ago.

I came to you searching for a connection. A connection to my inner-self, my inner-spirit and my inner-potential. I knew I had something stirring deep within me that HAD to be discovered and ignited. I knew when I found this within me, I would light this world on fire.

At first, you guided me through intense workbooks which made me take a terrifying and honest look into myself, my past and my future. Being vulnerable is the most uncomfortable feeling, yet I now realize how beautiful this process is, and I have seen the incredible results driven from working with you.

You helped me understand the subconscious mind and how to embrace its unequivocal power. You taught me to shift from a negative mindset, to view negativity as contrast. You have taught me how to dig deep and open my mind, body and soul to accept abundance into my life. I had no clue the power of these types of practices, until I personally experienced the results working with you.

I came to you with a goal of launching my personal mental health initiative (Light Up The Dark) and a target of raising $10,000 by September 20, 2019. At first my goal was $5,000. I had very negative views about wealth and what it means to me and others. You inspired me to work through these fears and insecurities to shift my mindset, which helped me create space to accept abundance into my life.

I believe because of the inner-work I've done with you, I hit my personal fundraising goal in 7 FREAKING DAYS of launching my initiative. I am moving full speed ahead at $12,000 total raised so far in June 2019.

This is only the beginning for me and my impact on this world. I cannot wait to see what the rest of our personal coaching sessions have in store for us.

I completely trust in you, your tools and your guidance. You radiate such a powerful light and you lift me up each time we speak. You have truly helped me become a better version of myself. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Sending all my love and gratitude to you!”


jessica charuk, brand photographer & founder of ‘charuk studios’.

“I reached out to Ashley because I was looking for motivation, guidance and accountability with my business goals but what I didn't expect was the huge transformation with my confidence.

She tapped into my subconscious and got me to relive past traumatic events I didn't know were still affecting me and blocking my growth. She helped me define and articulate what my ideal life would look like and map out how I could achieve that while also making me feel worthy and deserving of my desires.

I have a completely new mindset when it comes to creating my dream business and life!

Ashley was so patient and encouraging throughout the whole process. When I initially pictured a business coach I expected them to strict and push you, and I thought that's what I needed.

But Ashley was the opposite. She is so gentle, kind and positive, she was constantly celebrating my steps forward and truly believed in me. I have never felt so supported EVER!

After several months working together I feel so much stronger and sure of myself. During our time working together I launched a course, have booked several clients, have been travelling a ton and found an amazing business partner.



Jill wallis fisher, leadership coach & founder of ‘jfx enterprises’.

I felt completely at ease and safe working with Ashley during a 2-hour Breakthrough Session.

Her guidance into the elements of the session was seamless, and I easily stepped into needed energy and focus to obtain maximum results. Having done the pre-work, Ashley was able to target my most needed areas of work- anger, self sabotage, and fear. She addressed these painlessly and I was able to release them easily.

After our session, my every day life continued, but my patterns and responses drastically shifted. Prior to my session, I struggled with self-sabotage and distraction, and relied on alcohol to fill the void. Since my session, I’ve lost the taste for alcohol, I was uninspired in the casino — a place that I could spend hours — and I moved through times of frustration and anger quickly and effortlessly.

It has only been a week and my shift has been extremely dramatic. I celebrated an entire holiday weekend without overindulgence. My husband has even acknowledged the shifts he notices I’ve made. When outsiders notice the shift, you know it is palpable.

What a tremendous gift we can give ourselves by investing in these sessions. I look forward to the next chapter of my life and what my future holds as well as working with Ashley again to fine tune my subconscious.”


Diana frustaci, freelance content marketer & founder of ‘’.

"Working with Ashley has been a game changer for me. Not only in my business, but in my life.

I started her digital course, the CEO Academy, feeling low and insecure about my my business, and finished the program feeling secure and excited about my future.

Ashely is REALLY good at hearing me and guiding me to make decisions that are right for me. Business is not a one-size-fits-all type thing so when I was thinking I couldn't do it, Ashley showed me how I absolutely CAN do it.

I highly recommend! Ashley is truly one-of-a-kind in all the best ways."