You’re Ready for a Quantum Shift

This guided journey of Emotional Alchemy is exactly what your subconscious mind has been craving to create a Quantum Shift in yourself, your life, business, and relationships.

There is a Resilient Woman Inside of You

I believe this to be true for all of us.

She is brave, courageous, fierce, and kind, she always gets what she wants — and she’s ready to be activated.


This is the woman who cannot be broken by any person or circumstance.
The woman who is fully in her power and embraces all that she is.
Despite old dreams that may have been broken and having to let go of all that may be familiar, she always remains.
When life has its way with you, when you have been stripped of all you thought you knew, she’s still there.
She is the intuition of your soul and the catalyst for creating the life, love, and business you desire.

Your journey to unleashing her begins with a nudge from within that you want and deserve more. More out of life, love, business — all of it.

The same feeling that brought you here.

You feel like you’re on the edge of that ‘something more’.
You feel yourself imagining what it might be like to have a completely fulfilling and empowering relationship with yourself, with others, and your business.
You know ‘something more’ is possible because you see it everywhere around you… but your past experiences and your negative emotions tell you that you can’t have ‘something more’.

I know this because I’ve lived it.

I was stuck playing small. I held myself back from growth of any kind for years because I didn’t believe I was worthy of my desires.
I woke up every day feeling like I wasn’t good or smart enough to build a business pursuing my passions and helping others, especially if I couldn’t help myself.
I constantly felt heavy and stressed because I only ever saw lack and scarcity in my life. Abundance of any kind felt uncomfortable to me.
I completely lacked confidence and I had zero clarity on where to go or what to do next, so I constantly sought validation from others, but found I never got what I needed.

But the thing is, our past does not define our future, and our negative emotions are lying to us about our true potential in an effort to keep us “safe”.

The problem with that is eventually these unresolved emotions like fear, doubt, shame, sadness, and guilt store themselves in our emotional body which affects everything in our physical body meaning we can never take action or achieve the things we want because those negative emotions are always blocking us.

My journey of healing and empowerment through Emotional Alchemy has led me to the Universal truth that I’m going to help guide you to…

When we decide to get out of our own way, get out of our head and into our bodies, and clear the negative emotions wreaking havoc on our mind and body — we make space for a Quantum Shift within our internal and external reality. That’s where true freedom lies, and where things start happening for you faster and faster.

Now that you’re wondering what a Quantum Shift is, allow me to explain…

A Quantum Shift in physics terms is an abrupt transition from one state to another leading to a significant increase in energy.

I like to think about it this way:

You’ve spent your entire life believing it takes a certain amount of time to find your soulmate and fall in love, to scale your business from scraping by to multiple 5-figure months, getting featured and recognized by top companies and publications, to accomplish the other things in life you desire like planting roots in your dream home, and traveling to exotic destinations.

The truth is, time has nothing to do with it. Creating the life, business, and relationships you desire has everything to do with getting into the energy of the woman who has it all… and by the end of this experience, you’re going to realize that woman is YOU.


Don’t worry, you don’t have to do this alone.

Together we’re going to use a deep subconscious healing modality called Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT/Tapping) to activate the resilient woman inside of you so you can fully experience true Emotional Alchemy and personal power so you can create the life, business and relationships you desire.

Think of your brain like a computer…
When you look inside, there’s wires, electronics and circuit boards.
If you insert something that doesn’t belong, you disrupt the flow of energy and the computer would shut down. This is exactly what happens inside your body when you experience negative emotions.

The cause of all negative emotions is a disruption of the body’s energy system, which means healing the emotional body is about feeling then releasing the emotions.

That’s why Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT/Tapping) will be our focus on this journey together — because it’s consciously designed to relieve emotional disturbances and restore natural balance to the bodies energy system.

Your subconscious mind is wired to take the path of least resistance, and it’s also the control centre for 99.999% of your thoughts, beliefs, and actions — meaning it truly wants to make your journey of healing and activation as simple as possible...

… and you’ll be completely blown away by how quickly you experience your Quantum Shift.

Everything you need is within you, you just need to deeply want to experience your personal power, and make space for it to come through.


Your Journey Into Emotional Alchemy Includes:

guided transformation using the power of emotional freedom technique (eft/tapping) in the areas of clarity and confidence, self love and acceptance, and abundance — a total of seven videos — all captured for you to keep forever…

printable journal containing guided practices, mantras, and prompts for each video to support your quantum shift…

additional audio guidance for each video to help you get the most out of this transformation…

subconsciousshift (2).png

What Happens After You Achieve a Quantum Shift Through Emotional Alchemy?

Thanks to the 7-part EFT/Tapping videos:
A complete shift in your energetic frequency and deep alignment within yourself so you can easily and quickly receive more wealth, more love, more fun, and flow.

Thanks to the printable journal full of guided practices, mantras and prompts:
The powerful ability to tap into your inner truth so you can show up fully as the head-turning woman you know you are — the woman who always gets what she wants.

Thanks to the additional audio guidance provided with each video:
You will always feel a deep sense of support and a clear feeling of confidence as you transcend the negative emotions holding you back and activate your Quantum Shift.


Meet Jess… A talented Brand Strategist & Photographer who experienced her own Quantum Shift through the power of Emotional Alchemy…

“I reached out to Ashley because I was looking for motivation, guidance and accountability with my business goals but what I didn't expect was the huge transformation with my confidence.

She tapped into my subconscious and got me to relive past traumatic events I didn't know were still affecting me and blocking my growth. She helped me define and articulate what my ideal life would look like and map out how I could achieve that while also making me feel worthy and deserving of my desires.

I have a completely new mindset when it comes to creating my dream business and life!

Ashley was so patient and encouraging throughout the whole process. When I initially pictured a business coach I expected them to be strict and push you, and I thought that's what I needed.

But Ashley was the opposite. She is so gentle, kind and positive, she was constantly celebrating my steps forward and truly believed in me. I have never felt so supported EVER!

After several months working together I feel so much stronger and sure of myself. During our time working together I launched a course, have booked several clients, have been travelling a ton and found an amazing business partner.

It's so true that when you do the inner work it is then reflected outward in your reality!”


This Experience is for You if…

You’re done playing small and you want to get your subconscious mind on board with manifesting your desires like the resilient woman you know you are.

You’re ready to quickly shrink the gap from where you are now to where you want to be in your life, business, and relationships.

You want to deeply empower yourself to harness the emotional power within you so you can easily create new thoughts, beliefs, and actions that support you.


Experience Your Quantum Shift Through the Power of Emotional Alchemy Today for only $333 USD