How to Become Massively Confident in Life & Business Using NLP

You wouldn't believe it if you knew me now, but I used to be SUPER mean.

I used to wake up in the morning and obsess over what everyone else was doing, especially online.

I'd look at my phone as soon as I opened my eyes, compare myself to other women who were CRUSHING IT in business, and think, "I could never be that successful".

Sitting down each day to work I'd say, "Who would want to work with me? Who am I to coach anyone?”

I used to cry sometimes as I'd watch others succeeding, helping others, and changing lives... continuing to put myself in torturous circumstances working just for the money instead of doing what I wanted to do with my life...

I belittled myself because I didn't have all of the certifications that most coaches had, and that I would never be able to truly enjoy my life or my business because I never seemed to have the clarity to create something that the people I wanted to work with needed.

And between me and you....I used to sabotage MY OWN SELF behind my own back...

In fact, I sabotaged myself so much that I kept telling myself I didn't know what I wanted to do with my business...

I sabotaged myself SO much that I didn't let myself hold onto a vision of something bigger...

Abundance felt uncomfortable.

Success felt uncomfortable.

Leadership felt uncomfortable...

SO, I continually told myself that it was for everyone else except me.

Everyone else who was 'smarter', 'luckier', and had a 'perfect life'...

But, not me.

Can you believe how mean I was?

It's crazy, because the things I was doing to myself, most people wouldn't even do to their worst enemy.

Most of us couldn't imagine telling someone (even our least favourite person) that they're dumb, unworthy, or not capable of success....

SO, why did I do it to myself for so long?

I didn't know there was a better way....

I realized that I couldn't expect to be valued more if I didn't value myself.

That’s when I decided enough was enough. It was time to build my confidence, and I want to help YOU do the same.

It’s time you were introduced to the powerful tools that helped me develop my confidence and abundance mindset so I could become the woman and entrepreneur I am today.

I’m talking about Neuro Linguistic Programming. (a.k.a. NLP)

In a nutshell, NLP is the user's manual to your subconscious mind. And in case you weren't aware, our subconscious mind controls 99.999% of our daily thoughts and actions.

So, needless to say, discovering that there was a user's manual for my subconscious including a variety of techniques that allowed me to model the success I wanted to create for myself was GAME CHANGING.

I was able to quickly address the negative thoughts and beliefs that were keeping me stuck, and create new, positive and empowering beliefs and thoughts that were in alignment with my goals and desires.

Before I knew it, I was attracting people, things and experiences that were exactly what I had been longing for.

This is why I've now made it my mission to share the magic of NLP techniques with as many amazing people possible like YOU!

Because it's one thing to read positive quotes all day long, but the effects aren't deeply impactful, let alone life changing. NLP has the power to bypass your conscious mind to create lasting change on a subconscious level so you can create a new identity and be, do, and have more of what you desire.

So, in honour of that, I want to share the gift of NLP with you.

This video guides you through an Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) that will allow you to shift from any negative state or emotion to a positive state or emotion within minutes!

Remember, your inner world creates your outer world. If you want to receive love, abundance, and positivity, you must first become it so you can give it.

It's my hope that you not only enjoy this video, but share it with someone you love so you can work together to raise our collective vibration.

Wishing you all the love, abundance and positivity you desire, xo.


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